Thursday, October 31, 2013

"I Tree"

She's three and she knows it and she is a big kid now and won't let anyone forget it.  Trick or Treating and the Church Carnival tonight was adorably cute and astonishing.  Reagan was really into it.  She played all of the games with enthusiasm.  She got her face painted just like her sisters and held so still for it.
 She mastered "Tick O Teet" and charmed the socks off of every single person giving her candy with her "Tankoo" complete with sign.  She insisted on carrying her own bucket and being a part of the group.  But beyond the cuteness that is standard and the participation which we have come to expect from her, she blew me away with her attention to instructions and conversations.
 At one game she was told she could pick two candies.  I didn't even think Reagan could count to two much less follow a complicated instruction like that, but she picked one candy, put it in her other hand, picked out another and put both in her bucket and walked away without me saying a word!  I was floored!  Then later a person at one house asked if she was younger than two.  I responded that she was we walked away she repeated "I tree, I tree" and held up three fingers!  I didn't even think she was listening, much less comprehending.  Obviously Mama needs to raise her expectations.  I have a feeling this is going to be a constant refrain from now on. :)
 And now I say farewell to October and daily posts, but I promise to all of you who have been so happy to hear Reagan updates that I won't go a whole year before sharing again.  Next week we will learn about her hearing and I will update on that.

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