Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hear Hear...

So.  Hearing test.  Somewhat met expectations.  This was actually because ENT won't see her without a current test and we can't get and aid without ENT clearance (and around and around it goes).  So we fully expected her left ear to perform poorly since it is the one that has permanent loss.  The unexpected was her right ear performing more poorly.  Her pediatrician thought that her tubes were both out.  The test indicated that the right one is indeed out, but the left appears to still be in.  And the right ear now seems to have fluid again so not hearing all that well anymore.  The irony is that it has kind of helped her because now her hearing is more balanced so even though she can't hear well, she can better track sounds.
  However we now need to find out what the ENT says about the fluid and whether or not we need to replace the tubes.  If not then we will be aiding both ears....so we wait for the next step.

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