Saturday, October 26, 2013


I am tired beyond belief tonight from way too much work and way too little sleep...and herding my ducklings around.  But I have a couple more priceless Reagan anecdotes to share.  Reagan is incredibly popular everywhere she goes, and no big surprise when you witness the cuteness and charm the eeks out of her every smile and gesture.  So tonight was the Harvest Bash at Clarisse's school/church and while we will be going to our own carnival on the 31st Clarisse really wanted to go where her new friends were going.  We had only 1/2 to spare but we took our costumes down for a few minutes of trunk or treat and a trip down the giant blow up slide (big girls...Reagan couldn't even reach the steps...not that she didn't try lol).  Reagan's costume this year by her own choice is a lion.
 So I put it on her and we started walking in and she played it up by "rawr"ing at everyone we saw....I'll have to try and get a video because you have never heard anything cuter than a tiny two foot tall person sweetly growling "rawr, rawr" and smiling cause she knows she's cute.  Then there is her favorite subject...cookies.  So one of the trunks at the Bash was dressed up as Cookie Monster with a giant chocolate chip cookie in it....and Reagan spotted it.
  And pulled me over, pointing "cookie, cookie".  And these are just two examples from today....this stuff happens every single day.  Oh am I ever so glad she is in our lives!

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