Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mama Fail...Forgiven

The biggest problem with having a 3 year old child who stands just over two feet tall, weighs just over 20 pounds and doesn't talk much is that it is very easy to forget that she is THREE.  Now, she doesn't forget she's three, and when I do she gets justifiably indignant.  Case in point...a couple of weeks ago we stopped in at Starbucks on the way home from school because Mama needed a caffeine infusion and the girls asked if they could get a treat.  The girls selected their sweets and we walked out clutching our pink bags....except for Reagan.  And she did not like this.  Now she at first thought that I was holding her bag but when she repeatedly point at it and grabbed for it with now sweets forthcoming she put up a good pout!  She knew she had been left out and she let me know that wasn't fair.  She was right!  I realized that just because she doesn't stand tall enough to see the pastry case doesn't mean I shouldn't treat her like I do her sisters.  So when we popped in after school today I made a point to lift her up and ask her what she wanted.

Yeah this girl knows she's big now.

Happy much?

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CMSavage6 said...

And isn't it funny how quickly the youngest learns they are missing out on something? My almost two year old knows Starbucks and hasn't let us get away with not getting something for her for at least the last three months. We were there on Sunday and she made it known that she wanted a treat too! Lol