Tuesday, October 1, 2013

That time of year...again.

The time of year when we celebrate the wonderful uniqueness that is this precious little girl along with all of her peers who share her extra chromosome.

It has been three years since we were introduced to what that tiny little extra bit of DNA is all about and now I wonder how in the world we got along without it. 

It has been 11 months since I have written anything here.  Why?  Because I wonder if I have anything to say that better writers aren't saying already.  But as I look at this sparkle that is my daughter and think about what she inspires in those she comes in contact with I realize that it really isn't anything I have to say that is of value here.  
It is her.  What she is and what she inspires in others is worth spreading around.  So I will again dedicate the month of October to sharing Reagan and what Down syndrome is all about...or maybe what it isn't all about.

Happy Down syndrome awareness month!

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