Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have been pondering Reagan's hearing since her test yesterday and something has occurred to me that is well worth sharing.  How many of you (especially those who know her in person) knew that Reagan struggles daily with poor hearing?  And why didn't you know?  Because she doesn't let it stop her.  Now don't get me wrong, she ignores me when she doesn't like what I say as much as any other 3...or 4...or 6 year old (who may or may not be members of my family) I know.  But you would never guess by the way she listens and tries to talk and responds to even whispers that she can't hear all that well.  Compare to Clarisse working on her reading skills when she doesn't want to ..."mommy its too hard" (insert best whine here)  or Cadence not wanting to pick up toys..."I can't do it all by myself, its too hard".  Don't we all love the excuse of too hard to get out of really trying to do something we'd rather not, or that is exhausting (laundry anyone?).  Now Reagan has every excuse to truly not try.  She really can't hear.  And yet she glories in answering questions correctly, in pointing out and naming pictures or objects (mommy, mommy...boy,  mommy, girl, mommy, horse) in trying and trying some more to say words not only to make a sound, but so that we can understand her.  Perseverance.  Reagan has it in spades.  And as I watch her determined little face as she carefully articulates a word and pairs it with a sign to ensure I understand her,  I am inspired to not give up because its too hard.

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