Monday, October 8, 2012

Make a Joyful Sign (31 for 21 post 8)

 Reagan loves music.  She has since the day she was born.  If she hears music she dances.  Or claps.  Or plays along.  Or "sings".  Last year her big sisters starting singing in the pre-school choir at church.  Reagan loved watching their rehearsal and clapped and cheered after every song.  By the time the season ended in the spring she was crawling and standing on her own and trying to get in the middle of the kids to join in.  During their performance she followed along all the songs from her seat.  So naturally now that she is walking and learning to follow directions she is now a "big girl" and a bona fide member of the choir.  And let me tell you this girl lives for choir!  Last week she fell asleep on the way there and I figured she would sleep through it....not a chance, within seconds of the music starting she was awake, out of my lap and joining in.  Now she doesn't sing very much of the songs since she still doesn't say many words, but she is all into the signs for each song.  I could not believe how much she "sang" the song they learned last week around the house with no prompting at all!  All week we would hear her "singing" and look over to see her signing and making sounds to what was obviously her song.  This choir is the best therapy we could ask for!  So here are some pictures of Reagan making a joyful "sign" with her friends at choir practice today.
"Every day I'm growing up"

"A little bit, a little bit"

One of Reagan's favorite parts "rocked him to sleep"

"baby Jesus was born"  (Reagan sings Bebe De-suh)

New song...I expect to see Reagan this week practicing "baa baa" sheep :)

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