Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's A Wonderful Life

So it's me again (Daddy) making my annual visit on Shauna's Reagan blog.  Moment by moment whenever I'm around her, Reagan's always smiling always has a cheery disposition and brightens every room she happens to be in.  And, her disposition always always rubs off on me (and pretty much anybody else who is lucky enough to be around).  So Shauna and I were thinking the tonight about how different our lives would've been had she not entered our lives.  She has had such a positive influence on us that it's hard to even imagine.  Of course we wouldn't have even known what we were missing but I'd like to think that everyday we would think that something was missing in our lives.  She is such a blessing from God that I know that she was part of the plan, she needed us and we needed her even more!  What I wanted this to say was that she is our heart, she is our blessing, she has taught us more in the last three years than we could possibly teach her and I wouldn't want it any other way (or wouldn't HAVE wanted it any another way).

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