Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bursting with Pride

I had another post half-way written, but I must interrupt it to bring you a moment of extreme pride!  We have been working for a looong time with Reagan on answering questions rather than repeating what we say.  Particularly yes/no questions which she has never, ever answered without coaching (which then is just repeating what we say again boo).  I did notice this morning that she nodded in response to my question of if she was hungry too and I thought that was pretty awesome, but that paled in comparison to tonight's achievement.  I was sitting on the sofa eating a (most amazing) chocolate chip cookie and, no surprise, Reagan climbed up and started telling me "cookie, mommy, cooookie, cookie"  So I told her yes baby its a cookie then just for fun I asked her if she wanted a her standard response to such a question would be "bite, bite".  But this time she looked me right in the eyes (I'm noticing she really looks at me when she's about to amaze me, like she knows she making a big accomplishment) and said clear as anything "yes, please"  Not just "yes" but "yes please" As you can imagine she got both the cookie and a great big hug from mommy and daddy who was lucky enough to be sitting right there too.  And lots of praise.  And we got a great big smile from a girl who knew just how big a deal it was. :)
I asked to again for the camera which of course didn't produce the same amazing results but we got it.  I should have thought to ask her if she wanted chocolate a long time ago...girl has a long history of performing for chocolate. :) (crawling, walking, jumping....)

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