Sunday, October 20, 2013

Silly Girl Sweet as Sugar

Have I mentioned I love the age three?  The exploration, the curiosity, the silliness.  And when you combine that with a bonus chromosome the charm is almost unbearable.  I have to say....I love that Reagan has Down syndrome.  I really do.  It makes every single thing she does funnier, cuter,quirkier, and that much sweeter when she gets it after lots of work.  Life with Reagan provides a never ending supply of anecdotes and "squee" moments.  Among today's silly girl selections....alternately holding up red and green cards and telling Daddy "go" and "top"....getting seriously offended when we tried to move her from the table to the high chair at dinner (she is a big girl thank you very much)...playing "weeee" (with the dead remote) with Mommy and Grammy (she really thought she was doing it)...

asking to brush her horse before saddling her....showing Daddy where her helmet is to ride Sally....roasting her first marshmallow.

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