Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mickey Mouse is a Baby Snatcher

Ahhhh.  Normal chaos.  We have been busy, but in the best of ways.
 Painting Grammy and Papa's house.  Laundry.
 Gardening.  Laundry.  NO doctor's appointments.  And family time.  Sweet family time :)  Reagan's Godfather Reggie (love you!)  works at Disneyland and wanted his girls to come and have breakfast with Mickey.  So we went and had breakfast and the girls got lots of face time with Mickey and friends.

 Clarisse loved meeting them, Cadence wasn't too sure about it and Reagan just charmed them.  Charmed them so much that Mickey tried to steal her and take her home!
Mickey and Minnie insisted on taking a picture with her.
 Reagan's favorite however (sorry Mickey) was Pluto.
After breakfast we got to spend the day at Disneyland and Clarisse got to tell Reagan all about her favorite things at Disneyland.  It was one of those fabulous days.  Just sweet memories and no worries.  Thank you so much dear friend for giving us the opportunity to take our little princesses to the happiest place on earth.

P.S.  Two notes....first check out Deanna's post and let her know what you think about her book idea.  And second...exciting news coming up tomorrow!