Thursday, October 3, 2013

They said she wouldn't....

Walk until she was two....and yet at 16 months old she stood up and walked across the room.  And she hasn't looked back since.  Its funny because Reagan seems to be held back more by her small size than her extra chromosome.  I hate to think what she would get into if she were any taller since she already figures out how to pull chairs around the house (and on top of her boo for black eyes) to reach the "coc-let" or "coookees".  And as for other things her sisters can do...well we just minitureize it for her.
  This girl can really get going now.  And she insists on wearing her helmet (also when she is riding her "orse"...more on that later!)  Check out the spontaneous "I love you" she throws me when she sees the camera. 
 But you know, she won't be able held back by anything!

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