Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We're Ba-ack (31 for 21 Post 1)

Hellloo October.  Apparently all you Reagan fans have been waiting for this.  I LOVE you guys!  I wasn't really sure if I was going to bother with posting this year since I don't know if I have anything impactful (is that a word?) to say, or maybe I am just too scattered to sit down and put my thoughts on paper screen in a way that actually means anything to anyone...yeah that is it.  But when Reagan's birthday rolled around and so many facebook friends mentioned they were excited for their chance to see Reagan for a whole month, how could I be responsible for depriving the world of some seriously fantastic Reaganess (yes that IS a word).  And wow have we moved into a whole new world of Reagan in the last year.  She has changed from toddler to...well...kinda like every other four year old you know right?
 Show of hands....whose kid has done this?  So this time around she has LOTS of personality to show off...she talks, she sings,  she loves Frozen (of course she does, she is a four year old girl right).  She is all about showing the world how she is both Alike and Different.

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