Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweet Sentiments

I made this cake as a thank you to my parents Tuesday night Bible study for the collection they took for us while we were in the hospital for Reagan's surgery.
 I am posting is here as a virtual treat for all of you who I can't actually bake a cake for.  I would if I could!  But be assured that I do pray thankfully for each and every one of you who I know has been supporting us through your gifts and prayers.  Now for that list of stuff to do this week.  Cake...check.  Opthamologist....check.  Reagan still has a good report as far as her eyes go.  A little bit of shaking when she looks to the extreme sides, but the slight drift we noticed at one month is gone.  She's cleared for 6 more months.  Laundry, laundry, laundry.....check.  Hmm this week is going well.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Busy, Blessed Week

 As I was sitting here contemplating my update that (I'm sorry!) I have put off for waaaay too long, I wondered why I'm SO tired.  Then I started running through the list of what I've accomplished (good feeling) this week.  And I know why.  In addition to lack of sleep because someone still isn't sleeping even remotely close to through the night, I have been cleaning.  And I mean really, really cleaning my house.  Anyone want to come visit and admire my clean house?  It'll probably last until at least tomorrow ;)  And baking.  Cupcakes,  Thomas the Train birthday cake for a co-worker of Rafael's.

Therapy twice.

A surprise visit from Auntie Jen and Gramaria. 

Auntie Jen has a good eye for photography.

 More cupcakes. 

 Grocery store twice because I forgot important stuff like milk (which I then lost in the trunk of the car overnight) And a visit to our favorite pediatrician.  He gave Reagan a good report on her weight gain and told her to keep up the good work.  Yesterday we barbecued and caught up with friends we haven't seen since college and got to meet their adorable daughter.  And today.  Ahhh.  Easter.  Resurrection Sunday.  My second favorite church service of the year (Christmas Eve candlelight is my first in case you were wondering).  Remembering the glory that makes all the joy possible.  And my girls talking about how Jesus came back out of the hole alive and said "Ta-da".
Then hunting for the eggs the girls had so much fun coloring.  Glitter and little girls just go together :)

Really cold and drizzly for California so our picnic got a little chilly and we ran home instead of hiking like we'd planned.  Reagan neither helped with the coloring or the finding, but Mama decorated one just for her so I had to attempt a few pictures which I will now overload you with.

Up next week:  Opthomologist appointment to check Reagan's eyes, another cake, laundry, laundry laundry :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


 In trying to make it through the weeks before Reagan's surgery; the pumping, the anxiety, the lack of available time, I kept telling myself that after the surgery, she would be normal.  She'd go back to breastfeeding, have energy, and there would be no more doctor's appointments to run around to every other day (or so it seemed). Her surgery went so well and she came home so fast and obviously improved that I was floating above the ground with elation and a new lease on life.  My baby was healthy now.  She would grow now.  I had TIME now.  Oh what would I do with so much time....laundry?  Make cupcakes with my girls?  Oh the possibilities.
Reagan's post-op appointment with Dr. Bailey was last Monday (sorry about no updates, our internet went out for most of the week)  and he was happy with her progress.  He observed a slow heartbeat but after an EKG he said she was fine and that she just sailed through the surgery and recovery and promptly cleared her for most normal activity.  She is back at her therapy again and amazing her teacher with her new skills and determination. She showed us an impressive weight gain of over half a pound in the four days since her discharge!!!  So Dr. Bailey cleared her for exclusively nursing again.  No more fortified bottles!  Oh we were so happy!
 She was scheduled for a follow up with her cardiologist yesterday.  I was not looking forward to it because my mommy instincts were telling me that I wasn't going to come away happy.  Reagan stopped sleeping through the night so I've been super tired.  I thought she just had more energy and was getting used to her fixed heart.  Then I thought she needed extra nursing to catch up with her weight gain....but she didn't seem to be gaining much no matter how many times I nursed her.  I was right, she lost 3 oz since I cut out all the bottles.  So here we go again.  I will be nursing her and then giving her a bottle to top her off.  I will attempt to pump after nursing her so that the bottle can be my milk, but I'm not optimistic about the outcome of that since I've been struggling all along with pumping.  The good part is that she knows how to nurse and likes nursing, and now with a fixed heart she has enough energy to nurse.  For whatever reason she is not getting enough while nursing, and I am at a loss as to why.  I've never lacked in supply for any of my kids so perhaps she just doesn't get it out of me like the other girls did even though she has a great latch. 
I wasn't as happy with her heart report as I'd have liked either.  Dr. Kuhn said that her echo "looked pretty good,  there are no more holes".  Well that's good anyway :)  And he said her heart is returning to normal size...good.  And he described her heart function as "low-normal".  Wait, what does that mean?  I thought she was going to be perfect now!  In my bleary-eyed, sleep deprived state I didn't manage to clarify that any more than to ask if her condition was to be expected at this point.  He said it was and come back in a month. NOT what I was expecting.  I thought he'd say everything was great and see you in six months.  So much for my understanding of how things work.  So I left a little discouraged.
 But on the plus side with a bottle top-off Reagan woke only once last if only her big sister had slept through the night.  Better luck tonight?