Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why I'm Still Not Afraid (31 for 21 post 31)

I posted last year on Halloween about why I'm not afraid for Reagan's future because I know there will always be people in her life who care about her and look after her.  About her friend who set aside his own trick-or-treat basket to make sure she wasn't left out.  Well in the last year that friendship (amazing but yes, my 2 year old has a deep and lasting friendship with a 9 year old)  has become very important to both of them.  Olin loves to get Reagan from Sunday school every week and play with her after church.  He helps her keep up with the big kids and (most important to Reagan) shares his hats with her. ;)  He has moved from simply being her protector to being her teacher, so this year instead of simply making sure she was carried to the door for trick-or-treating, he showed her how to play each of the games at the carnival.  

Isn't she the cutest little pixie you've ever seen?

Olin carefully helped her sit on the table and showed her how to make the frog jump.

Gotta admit on this one Reagan was much more interested in the ducks than the candy...which is saying something once she figured out she was getting chocolate from all these people. :)

Olin demonstrating how to throw the ball and make it stick on the wall.....

...and Reagan is no dummy, she figured it was easier just to go up and stick it on.

Note...Reagan was scared of the bounce house when Grammy took her to it,  but if her buddy Olin was going to go with her she was all smiles!  Sorry Grammy.

And look who came with us this year...the cutest little bee.  Now with family and friends like that not only surrounding Reagan with love and care, but also teaching her and guiding her,  how can I be scared?

Whew....made through all 31 posts!  A little less Down syndrome this year and a little more normal life, but that is good.  Now we are off to a weekend of wedding stuff...back with cute pictures next week!

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