Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Birthday and Everyday Advocacy

We went to a little cousin's 2nd birthday party today.  Great party!  Rapunzel came.
 Reagan attempted to say Rapunzel (pun-zel).  I love taking Reagan to gatherings with lots of children of various ages.  She loves participating with the group.
 And when singing and dancing are involved (which it does when Rapunzel comes to the party)  she really gets going. :)
 Today's accomplishments included eating all her ice cream cake without wearing any of it,
playing ball, and voluntarily climbing into the bounce house (she has always been frightened),
 learning how to say Tita Anna (tia ann- ah) and typically charming everyone around her.  Can you say future self-advocate?  And speaking of advocacy....Tita Anna...Reagan is proud to have you on her side :)

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Anna said...

I am so glad you and the girls were able to make it yesterday. The best part was watching their faces light up when Rapunzel arrived. Reagan was so cute and such a wonderful personality - obviously inherited from both you and her daddy of course. You and Reagan are an inspiration - she is one lucky daughter and you are a very lucky mommy!