Monday, October 21, 2013

Medical Update with a Little Perspective

Reagan saw her favorite pediatrician today for her three year check-up and to get the results of that dramatic blood draw the other day.  Everything looks pretty good.  Her spine is good so she can jump and tumble and ride to her hearts content.  No white blood worries, no thyroid worries.  Her vitamin D levels are pretty low so we will supplement that.  We had a funny moment plotting her growth on the chart because she has grown a lot in the last 3 months so I expected the doctor to be impressed and instead he commented on how she has dropped off the curve...guess there was a plateau sometime in the last year lol because this girl is getting tall.  The only hang-up came in the fact that the lab messed up (big surprise right?) her test orders and didn't run the test for Celiac.  So they are trying to see if they still have her blood to run it in order to avoid another draw...I'm not optimistic.  I refuse, however, to get too annoyed or frustrated.  After all this is just a small lump in the porridge. friend is in the hospital for the second time this week with her son trying to figure out how to feed him.  They have been struggling to figure out what to do about a GJ tube or a J tube or all kinds of stuff I don't understand because I don't have to and none of the doctor seem quite sure what course of action to take.  So, yeah, I'm not going to complain too much if we have to go get another poke.  Speaking of which, they had to do a finger poke for anemia (also just fine) and this big girl didn't even flinch...just looked at the nurse with curiosity.
 Reagan is so dead calm and cooperative for all things medical.  I guess she is just used to it after three solid years of being poked and prodded.  Now for her hearing test tomorrow...

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teal915 said...

What a sweet girl : ) Kamdyn screams her head off. She is starting to let them listen to her heart without screaming, but she freaks out with her ears every time.