Friday, October 18, 2013

Big Sister and a Big Example

Grammy and I had an extra special fun day today along with big sister Clarisse.  
We got to take our (therapy) doggies into her first grade class for a reading program with her classmates. 
 The kids were sooo good and enjoyed reading to the dogs so much. 
 And Clarisse had an extra sparkle on her face.  Such joy she took in telling all her friends at recess about Grammy bringing her dog Oreo Cookie. 
 And such fun all the kids had in getting the best of the teacher by already knowing the dog's name because "Clarisse told us".  Clarisse who doesn't say much of anything to anybody at school.
  And where was little sister during all this?  Watching of course.
  And doing what she does best (besides charming everybody in sight which she also did), copying.  She "asked" for a book too which she proceeded to "read".  The best part?  The big kids "helping" her read.  Sooo cute!  I think we'll have to do this again next month. ;)

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