Friday, October 21, 2011

21 Things about Reagan (31 for 21 Post 21)

1. Reagan has the exact same color hair and eyes as her sisters

2. Reagan is named after her Grammy (my mom) who ironically works with special needs kids

 3. Reagan is very, very social and loves meeting new people.  She even waved to the random man walking past us in the park.
4.  Reagan's first word was duck (okay "duh") and that is also her favorite toy,  and the theme of her birthday party.

5.  She waves AND says bye bye :) and blows kisses
6.  She had Open Heart Surgery at 6 months old and stayed in the hospital only overnight.  She is a fighter!

7.The cat, who is not social with anyone else,  will sleep with Reagan in her crib if we don't chase him out.  He loves her.

8.  Reagan LOVES music and rocks on her little baby grand piano or her drum.

9.  She has three teeth and will eat anything she can get to her mouth..we have to watch her!
10. Reagan inspired me to build a business I could use to help Reese's Rainbow orphans come home...and she doesn't mind sampling the goods either.

11. Reagan loves to take my hands and play pat-a-cake and peek a boo and clap them...but not her own.  I tell her to clap and she grabs my hands.
12.  Aside from her heart issue, Reagan has been my best nurser and eater of all three of my girls.
13. Reagan pays attention to EVERYTHING!  
14.  Despite the fact that she cannot crawl, she tortures her sisters by chasing them around the house inchworm style while they try and set up a game where she can't destroy it.

15. Reagan was born still in her amniotic sac
16. Mickey Mouse tried to kidnap her when we went to Disneyland...her Godfather put a stop to that though :)

17.  Reagan loves to feel the wind in her face.
18. Reagan loves to swing...see above :)
19. Reagan has had more doctors appointments in her 1 year than I have in my 31...and she's perfectly healthy now.

20. Reagan looks good in every color...its really not fair!

21.  And this last one is from her 4 year old sister when asked to tell me something about Reagan...."she's leeetle....and she has drwon syndom"


Angel said...

CUTECUTECUTE!!!! I'm blog hopping by (late). LOVE your pics. And just overnight for heart surgery?? We stayed 5 darn weeks. Your girl is adorable and a fighter. Love the post. :)

the Tell family said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your girls are adorable!

lovemy3 said...

I thought Hailey was a superstar at only 3 days for heart surgery but wow...overnight! What a RockStar!

Adorable pics!

Kristin said...

Thanks for your comment - funny story... I was having a major dilemma wanting to adopt baby Sophia. I even had a dream about her. I made the button, too. But Max was so little I knew it wasn't quite right, but I couldn't stop thinking about her. And then, out of the blue, a friend I met up here in Utah while they were visiting here (Denise - Ella's mom in CA), emailed me that she knew a gal (Megan) who was seriously interested in Sophia (she hadn't committed at this point). I started crying I was so happy. I immediately emailed Megan and told her I would help in any way I could. I had chills. Seriously an answer to my prayers that Sophia will have a home!!! Sorry for the ramble :)

summer said...

Hi Shauna, I found your blog while Blog Hopping!! I just LOVE this blog post - thank you for sharing. We are an RR family that brought home our sweet Belle last year. Now we are waiting for a travel date to bring home one handsome hunk of love. So looking forward to following your blog!!!!

Susanna said...

Shauna, love those ponytails on Reagan--second pic from the top. ADORABLE!!!!!

Donna said...

Doing my blog hop really late, but your daughters are gorgeous! Love the facts about Reagan. Thanks for sharing!