Saturday, July 9, 2011

My New Neighbors and Cupcakes

When I first started to write this post I was super excited to share that I am going to have a new neighbor.  A young lady by the name of Megan who lives only a few miles from me is adopting a sweet little girl named Sophia from Reece's Rainbow.  Now it has probably become evident over the months since I've been writing here (or in my constant talking about it if you know me)  that I have become passionate about the kiddos on Reece's Rainbow.  I have been burning to do something to help these sweet babies, but unable to think what I am actually capable of doing.  I don't have a big enough following to advocate the same way Patti does.  I don't have much money to donate significantly (though I have done what I can once the bills are paid).  I am not able to adopt myself at this time like Susanna.  So I thought and thought...what talents have I been gifted with that I could use.  And it hit me.  I can bake.
I've been building up a cupcake bakery for a couple of years and just launched the website.  How perfect.  So here it is.  My ongoing commitment to these little ones.  I was so excited to be able to help bring a baby home to my hometown.  And then this week I found out that she is not the only one around here bringing home an angel.  The Quinn family who lives in Yuciapa (where I go to church...can't wait to meet you guys)  and the Center family in Moreno Valley are working hard to bring home their children.  Check out their blogs.  Share with your friends and help me raise some money for Sophia and then for Autumn and Wallace.  I can't wait to throw a cupcake party for everyone when they get home!