Monday, October 29, 2012

From Little (31 for 21 post 29)

We all are guilty sometimes (some more often than others)  of thinking that we can't make a difference.  So I have a reminder here that keeping your hands and heart open is always enough.  Many times we do not get to see the results of our actions or generosity,  but sometimes we get to see an example of exactly why we should never, never assume that whatever (supposedly) small thing we have to offer won't make a difference.  We are called to use what we have been given...sometimes money,  sometimes time,  sometimes talent.  And when we give of ourselves it will be used.  I mentioned that I posted some custom crochet items in Tommy's auction.  I almost didn't do it.  I wanted to help, but I was overwhelmed with flower girl dresses and frustrated at the difficulty in finding pictures for the auction so I almost said forget it I'll just make a small donation instead.  I am so glad that I didn't give up on using my time and talents because it multiplied to so much more than a simple donation would have been!  One of the winning bidders asked for two items for double the donation...that resulted in over $100 for one of the auction!  Never underestimate how a gift can grow!  All you have is always enough whether it is $1 or $100, whether it is a donation to a garage sale or a bake sale or 5 minutes of your time or 5 hours of your time.  Open hands, open heart, open life, amazing results.

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