Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vampires, Photographers, and Exhaustion

I had one of those days today that remind me of just how very far we've come in the last three years.  Reagan hasn't yet gone in for her three year old check-up but will on Monday.  However before she can do that she has to go through a whole battery of tests first.  More than usual this year as a matter of fact.  So we paid our annual visit to the vampires today and typically she did present an easy to find vein.  That poor phlebotomist had to work sooo hard and was determined to only stick her once (partly because she was afraid she wouldn't find a second vein if she blew the first one).  Then Reagan's vein didn't want to keep the blood flowing long enough to get enough to perform all the tests that being run this time.  Reagan was a real trooper tiny squeak when the needle went in and she sat so still for the looong time it took to get those three big vials of blood.  She is having blood work run for her CBC to ensure that leukemia is still out of the question and her thyroid levels are being checked.  Since she is turning three they are also checking for celiac, though I'm positive she's fine there.  I also requested her magnesium and vitamin D level be checked because I have suspicions about those numbers so we'll see if my mommy instincts are right.  After we were done getting blood drawn (which took sooo long because we had to wait and make sure it was enough before we left), we moved on to get some pictures taken.  Reagan had her C-spine x-ray done about 8 months ago to clear her for riding the horses, but it is usually done at 3 years old for better results so we are repeating it.  Again Reagan showed what a big girl she is holding perfectly still for all three films and so proud to have followed directions so well.  By the time we were done with the three hour testing saga I was ready for a nap (of course the multiple sleep interruptions last night by a certain 3 year old contributed).  I look back on her baby days when we were doing multiple doctor appointments every week with blood work and x-rays and specialists and echos and medications and pumping and bottles .....and I thought I was exhausted today?  We haven't been to the doctor in months!  Now to await the results of the the meantime....Disneyland seemed like a good way to celebrate a beautiful afternoon. :)
Did I mention I was exhausted?

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