Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mommy's little "ep"er

I have a confession to make.  I love the age 3.  And I've missed it with Clarisse and Cadence being 6 and almost 5.  I love the creativity and imagination and exploration that three year olds possess in abundance.  And the fact that they love to "help" with everything...of course making the task take three times as long as doing it yourself but who can say no to a sweet little face saying "mommy help?"
 So mommy is of course thrilled to have a three year old again!
 Because despite her tiny size and lack of clear speech there is no denying this girl is THREE!
And she wants to "ep" with everything that we do...which today was quite a long list of chores.
 She wants us to know that she is a big girl who knows how to do everything her sister do.

 And heaven help us if we try to leave her out...she straight up won't let us.
No excuse me while I go re-fold all the laundry. :)

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Katie Watson said...

Oh my, what a cute family you've got! 3 is a good age!