Sunday, October 13, 2013

God's Camp

There was a place written about in Genesis where Jacob had visions of Angels.  He call the place Mahanaim, Two camps, because he recognized it as the place where his company and God's company met...God's camp.  
There is a place in Cherry Valley called Mahanaim Ranch.  My dear friend Joanne had a dream of a place where children with disabilities could come and ride and grow strong.   A place where people would come and find peace and be refreshed.  A place that would be God's Camp.  She bought this place and opened the gates.  And the dream has gradually become a full fledged reality.  Just to go there and sit is to be refreshed in your soul.  
To see all my children and their friends play and learn brings a smile every time.  
And to watch what Equine Assisted Learning has done for Reagan is astonishing and pure joy. 
 And to watch Austin and Dakota do ground work with the horses at the same time just completes the dream. 
I will write more in depth on exactly what Equine Assisted Learning is and what it does for children like Reagan and Austin and Dakota later.  But for now I just want to share what a special place Joanne and God have created.  A place that doesn't just provide therapy for disabled children but for anybody who comes in these humble gates.

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