Friday, September 14, 2012

Quilting Bee Blitz *update*

12 hours to go...only $2823 left to raise...we can do this one dollar at a time!

48 Hours starting...NOW!

The goal:  raise the rest of the funds Megan needs to go get Sophia in 8 days and to fill this quilt with the names of everyone who has shared love and helped bring her home.

Megan's financial need stands at $3143, lets see how fast we can make that number shrink!

How we're going to do it:  By remembering that every single dollar that each person contributes COUNTS!  We have a donor who is going to match EVERY donation made with a $5 donation of their own.  Our love will multiply.  In addition for every leaf (and there are 50 left) that is claimed I will also donate another $3.  We may not be rich, but we can all pitch and finish this quilt.

Details:  Every single donor goes on the quilt.  Every $15 donation gets a leaf on the tree.  Be sure that you leave your name with your donation or in the comments so we can add you on.  I will try and post pictures as I get the names but I'm honestly hoping that I won't be able to keep up :)  Donations can be made to Megan's chip-in above or via Reese's Rainbow (please be aware that the amount showing there is NOT what she has, there is actually only a couple hundred in her fsp) on the side bar if you wish them to be tax deductible.

One last thing...please pray for God to bless our efforts on behalf of this little orphan girl who hasn't know the love of a family for over four years.


Deanna said...

Done! Hope you are able to raise it all!

Amber said...

We bought 2 leaves: Amber and Lilya.

Mama~ala~Mode said...

I have made another donation. Can you do "The Lundmark Family" on a leaf or would that be pain to do? Let me know. Thanks!

Carol Miller said...

1 for the Miller family :)

above&beyound said...

Made another donation, it is not much, but comes with lots of prayers! Evangeline's middle name is Sofia too!