Tuesday, October 20, 2015

That's it for now, bye

Today's post is brought to you by Cadence.  She has been saying for a few days that she wanted to write on Reagan's blog so I told her to go ahead and write it on paper and I would put it on the computer.  This is what she wrote.  Three speech bubbles with three little things important to her.

"Down syndrome is not a bad thing.  It might make people better than without Down syndrome but it might be hard to do a lot of things or hard to learn with Down syndrome like Reagan so that's it for now, bye."

"Well here is some ways I like people with Down syndrome like Reagan.  One way is because they can be cute and funny and cheerful and also loving so that's it for now, bye."

"Well I went on a field trip.  I went to a nursing care facility.  We played some games and passed out cards, we had lots of fun bringing joy to the people there so that's it for now, bye."

(I fixed the spelling and some punctuation, but if you can see some of her original spelling it is priceless)

She went on a field trip with her class today that she has been looking forward to for several weeks.  The kids prepared a couple of songs and took puzzles and games and visited a skilled nursing care facility and shared love and homemade cards.

 I overheard a conversation between Cadence and her friends who were saying that they were nervous to talk to the people because they didn't know what to say...Cadence's response "just be yourself".  She really lives that, and it brings joy to so many.

 She is not yet seven years old, but she has an incredibly wise and empathetic soul.  Reagan really couldn't ask for a better big sister.

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Monica Crawford said...

Cadence you are obviously one smart girl and your Sister is so very lucky to have you! Well said my dear!!! I'm applauding you!!!