Friday, October 2, 2015

Involved and Self Sufficient

Reagan is growing up and she knows it.  She insists on doing whatever everybody else is doing, especially her sisters or friends.  If you don't pay attention to her requests you better watch out because she is not above helping herself to whatever she wants....evidence...the peanut butter sandwich she made all by herself which involved pulling a chair into the pantry to reach the peanut butter and leaving smudges all over the tables...and walls...and herself.  But she did it all by herself!  If something is too big or complicated...well then she insists on "helping" or taking turns.

She tied her own blanket, helps (slows mommy down lol) vacuum, bosses the dog around, plays the piano with anyone who lets her,
and generally insists on not being left out.....basically your typical five year old ;)  Don't tell her she can't...she won't listen...


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