Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Never say never...or even not right now

Show of hands...who knows how much Reagan loves music?  If you didn't put your hand up we need to do a little remedial Reagan education for you, see me later to schedule ;)  This girl sings her way through every day.  When she could string two words together to tell us what she wanted it didn't stop her from singing every word of Jesus Loves Me.  She puts music up on the piano and "accompanies" herself.  She has been playing her baby piano since she could sit up.  So I always said someday I would teach her.  When she was ready.  Which I assumed wouldn't be for a while.  After all I usually recommend five to six as a starting age and started the older girls at those ages.  And while it has never bothered me that Reagan often masters skills later than many children, I did make the assumption that learning to play the piano would be one of them.  Until one day she did something that showed me her sequencing skills and the music teacher in me noticed.  And I realized she was the about the age for that.  So I thought why not see what she can do.  I picked up a book that I thought would be appropriate for her temperament and learning style...and then promptly got too busy to do anything about for a month.
 But today she was trying to copy her sisters practicing so we sat down for our first "lesson".  Lets just say it won't be our last!  The joy shining on her face that she was learning to play...and make no mistake she  knew that she was learning for real...well I don't think I'll let any of my teacher friends see it, they might want to steal my student ;)

 She listened intently.  She followed directions devotedly.  She sat up straight and showed how to play with curved hands just like mommy said.
Then when we were done she went and told Daddy all about how we learned LOW (insert growly Reagan voice) sounds like the bear and HIGH (insert adorable squeaky voice) sounds like the mouse, and how we curved our fingers.  Then she went back to the piano, opened her book and practiced.
  I don't know how fast she will learn, but as I have pointed out to all my parents and particularly the special needs ones, she is learning and loving it and that is all that matters.  So who is looking forward to a Reagan recital?

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