Monday, October 5, 2015

My Rainbow

One of my nicknames for Reagan is Rainbow.  It started as a cute play on her name, but the more I used it the more I realized how appropriate it is.  After all a rainbow is a promise.  A promise of hope. A reminder of all the good that come through and after the storm.
  And that has always been what Reagan's life has done.  Even the hard stuff like spending 75% of your waking hours just trying to make and get enough food into your infant.  It makes us stronger and better.  And it leads to amazing things you would never dream new friends you couldn't possibly have met.  I have looked back over the last five years and seen that the promise, that promise of good and a future and a hope, has never wavered nor failed to be fulfilled even when it seemed too hard or too scary.  And when I look back at the hard stuff like open heart surgery I realized that I wouldn't change it.  I truly wouldn't.  Not even to keep Reagan from pain, because it is all a part of growing into who we are supposed to be.  And there is a purpose even if we don't see it.  Sometimes we get to see a glimpse of the bigger plan,  like being able to be a support for someone walking the journey behind you...that couldn't have happened if we didn't go through it.  That is the rainbow in our lives.  The visible tangible reminder of the promise of Good.  And that is what Reagan does for me every. single. day.  Seriously there is not a day that goes back that I am not supremely grateful that Reagan was born "defective" because she gives the world something it sorely needs just by being who she is.  My Rainbow.

There was a beautiful rainbow this evening just before sunset coming down behind my beautiful rain dancer, but I couldn't get it with the camera.  It reminded me of why I call her Rainbow though, so I thought I'd share.

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