Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I did it...

There is something I heard very frequently in my house...fortunately I don't get tired of it!  Life with Reagan consists of regular exclamations of "I did it Mama, I did it".  And of course when those accomplishments no matter how small they may seem to big people are achieved...especially unprompted or unassisted,  it is a source of great pride for Reagan.  And she is becoming very independent so we hear it over many things a day.  And they are a big deal.. Getting dressed all by myself Mommy.  Putting shoes on...the wrong feet...and fixing it.  Going potty!

 "Helping" fold laundry.  Sometimes she is even truly helpful...unloading the dishwasher all by herself. 

Feeding the dogs.

And sometimes she shows off how much she's learning at school...doing her homework properly.

 So yeah, I don't get tired of hearing "I did it".  Lets be honest...many times I tell someone else..."she did it"...you know, like right now ;)

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