Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pop Quiz

I have been realizing over the last couple of days that I am missing the mark on some of this Down Syndrome Awareness thing.  It has been slowly occurring to me as I explain that my hair is blue and yellow for Down syndrome awareness month....that so many people don't even know what Down syndrome is.  I have been writing and sharing pictures and stories of life with Reagan and that does a fantastic job of showing that Down syndrome is nothing to fear in the whole scheme of life, and that while our story may be different, really so each every family's story.  Reagan has certainly shown quite a few people in this world that Down syndrome isn't what they thought it was....but I'm suddenly realizing that I have assumed they all know what it is.  So here is the pop quiz for tonight.  Do you know what Down syndrome actually is?  Do you know how many people have it?  Do you know how it is diagnosed?  Do you know what effect it has on those who have it?  I want to know what you know.  What you don't know.  What you would like to know.  Because I suddenly realize that while being aware that Reagan is amazing and Down syndrome isn't scary is a good can you be an advocate for her and her friends if you don't really know the please...tell me what to teach you.

Don't leave me hanging...I expect answers ;)  And if you are related to anyone with an extra chromosome your answers don't count lol.

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