Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Anna and Me

We had and interesting day today.  Reagan, Anna and I.  Cause that's how she's rolling these days,  she has hit the stage where she is sharing her life experiences with Anna.  Everything from holding hands properly while crossing the street to going to the doctor.  Today it was going to the doctor.  It is good that she had her "friend" with her to share the experience because she has evidently also hit the point of being aware/remembering trauma and pain.  When we pulled up to the doctor's office she told me "no Mama, scared, hurt arm".  I guess the two pokes for her blood draw last week stuck with her.  I promised her they wouldn't hurt her today or poke her (and they made a liar out of me!)  so she was ok.  First step was teaching Anna how to dance in the elevator, cause you know that's what you do in order to not be scared of elevators when you are three feet tall.  Excuse me three feet and 1/2 inch tall!  Take that anything that requires 36 inches in height!   Temp, pulse, blood pressure are no big deal for her and she did well on her vision and hearing tests in a general sense (never worry too much since she gets further testing from the specialists).

 While we were waiting for the doctor she made Anna take the hearing test and push the button I took a picture.

 So then she had to take pictures of Anna taking the hearing test. She's actually gotten pretty good at taking pictures lol.

 This is a very cute way to pass the time waiting for the doctor!
 Her labs generally look pretty good.  Her vitamin D levels are finally up to normal!!!  Her doctor was floored when I told her how much I was supplementing her, but Down syndrome can cause some pretty good Vit D deficiency.  I am happy she's in the right range as we go into "flu season" this year, especially as she is already working on another sinus infection...ENT has been called by her pediatrician and hopefully we can figure out how to stop this recurring cycle.  Iron levels and thyroid are perfect.  Her blood sugar was a bit low leading to the mommy lie as they gave her a prick test to make sure it was currently normal which it is, however we shall keep and eye on that as I have suspected for a while that she has hypoglycemic episodes...not sure what that means yet.  The most frustrating thing was that the lab failed to run two of the tests that were she's going to have to get another draw done this week.  And considering her response to today I feel pretty rotten about it...we'll bring Anna and poke her too!  Overall a good report as expected but we have an agenda of getting her specialists to get her some help in a few areas.  So we are working on a line up of : ophthalmology,  ENT,  cardiology,  orthopedic, audiology and sleep study in the next few weeks!  I'm tired just thinking about it, but all but ENT and ortho should be routine.  Those two better get her some help or they'll have a mad mama on their hands ;)  You know for such a healthy kid she sure has a thick chart and a long list of doctors!  Kinda makes me feel silly sometimes...

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