Friday, October 16, 2015

Cookies and...Reagan

One of Reagan's favorite things is "cookies,  choc-o-late chip cookies".  And if she gets to make them herself then they taste even better.  So we did :)  Reagan would be happy to share with you.  Now Reagan has been watching Mommy bake for a long time now so she has a pretty good idea of how its done and what ingredients to use.

 First you add the "flour, and salt mama"  and "baking soda?"

 "Stir Mama, stir it"

 Mix the "sugar Mama"  with the butter and the eggs

 Add the secret ingredient which isn't so secret since she's telling you "Orange oy-ole, smells good"
Put them in the fridge for a bit then we count them out onto the tray to bake them

Then comes the most important part...

I'm not sure which is yummier, the cookie or the cutie ;)

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