Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Goodbye Summer

I love fall.  And it is October, so I keep pretending it really is fall even though we are in the throes of the typical SoCal Indian Summer.

 Now we are scheduled for some rain, so maybe we're almost there, and to help it along I thought perhaps I could post a summer farewell from Reagan here.

Ok, apparently I only have swimming pic of Cadie, but its a good one :)

  After all if she can't swim in the pool anymore (despite the hot days, the night are too cold to keep the water temp up) then we need to get on with the scheduled wet weather so she can use her umbrella.

 I'm with her, its time for HOT coffee, sweaters and rainboots.  So here's to a great summer....we loved you, we'll see you in a couple of months...now goodbye!

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