Friday, October 30, 2015


Looking back I realized that two years ago Reagan had only been going to school for three days when the Halloween party happened.  She was shy and just barely getting to know what it was all about.  

Last year she knew her way around no problem,  knew everybody on campus and showed off her skills.

It struck me today as she led the way for the other is her last year here.  We will be doing that a lot this year...last Christmas program,  last spring program, and ultimately last day.  While it is fun to see her growing and developing so much, it is bittersweet because we have to say goodbye to special people who have helped her on her journey.  Today was her favorite aide's last day and there were tears and hugs all around.

This may be her last year in this classroom, but these three friends won't let that stop them from celebrating together I'm sure!

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