Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dreams Come True

This year has been significant for Reagan's personal development.  As I mentioned she is asserting herself in terms of her needs and desires.  Along with that comes more awareness of how to express these as well as learning things like what a birthday is all about.  Reagan's birthday was a couple of weeks ago but due to quirky circumstances (can we say three weeks of antibiotics plus an allergic reaction to them...blerg)  her party was delayed until today...and she has been waiting every day of this three weeks for it.  She knows for the first time ever this year that she is turning a year older...she kept telling me she was "4 but 5 on birfday mommy"  and now tells everyone emphatically that she is 5.  She gets it.  She knew what she wanted "choc-o-let cake",  "Elsa party".  She knew who she wanted to be there.."Graham Cracker (Grammy), and Papa, and Mindy and Abby".  She did not know, however that what she only dreamed about (yes she did babble in passing about it, but she thought she was pretending) could really happen.  I couldn't help it...Frozen taught her how to talk...what is a mama supposed to do?  She understands what birthdays are now...  So suffice it to say that her reaction when she answered the door and was greeted with...

Seriously,  she was starry eyed at the idea that she got to sit in Elsa's lap for storytime!  For real...she kept patting her and saying "Elsa, and I'm Anna" (she was in an Anna dress).

Singing with the REAL ELSA!

I kid you not,  she tried to leave with her.  Told me goodbye and everything and walked out the door to go to Arenndelle with Elsa....the only thing that got her back in the house was the promise to visit Elsa and even that only worked with the kicker of eating chocolate cake and opening presents.

Good call mama.

The first birthday she understood is likely to be one she'll never forget.

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