Thursday, October 15, 2015


As I have mentioned previous years, October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  All day as I scrolled through facebook I saw posts about losses and the pain that never completely goes away.  Nor really would we want it to, because the pain is part of the beauty of the little one that was so loved whether born or still just cherished in mother's tummy.  Some of you my treasured friends, I have known about your losses.  Some of you I know have lost more than once.  Some of you I didn't know had lost a beautiful little one until today.  All of you I know would give anything to have had the chance to hold your child.  Or to have one more day with him.  My heart grieves with yours tonight as I think of your precious little ones safe in heaven now.  But thinking of all of your little ones who were so wanted and treasured twists my heart even more for the little ones who were never given the chance.  I think of my Reagan and how she might not have been given a chance at life if someone else were her mother.  Because its the truth...too many babies diagnosed before birth with Down syndrome don't ever get the chance to live.  And why?  Fear, mostly.  The parents just don't know that its going to be ok.  They don't know its worth it.  They don't know what they are throwing away.  So precious mamas who are remembering your babies in heaven....pray with me tonight for the mamas who are scared.  That they will realize the gift they have...the gift you would treasure if it were yours.  There are already too many broken hearts tonight.  xoxo

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