Thursday, October 15, 2015


Reagan has a high pain tolerance.  It is a blessing and a curse.  It is helpful when she has to get her annual blood draw done and veins in these little arms are never easy to find.  We had better success this time, only two pokes and one tiny "ouch" from Miss Reagan.

The techs always fall in love with the tiny girl who holds so perfectly still while they poke and draw  8 vials of blood!  Small bumps and bruises don't bother her.  But on the other hand that high tolerance makes it difficult to know if something is wrong and what it might we end up with things like 9 month long chronic sinus infections with no fussing on her part.  Which get treated with three week courses of antibiotics.  Which she is allergic to.  The hives do bother her.  When you combine that with a physiology that doesn't drain well and turns into to stuffed up everything you tend to look for ways to avoid that.  So we work on preventing colds and allergies and blocked up ears by supporting and maintaining healthy functions.  One of the tools we use Reagan really loves.

  "Oy-ohs Mommy!"  She dearly loves having essential oils applied which is a good thing since I got oil happy today at the first hint of a runny nose!  She wanted to smell every bottle and point out her favorites :)

 That and story time at the library with her friend more than made up for a couple little pokes...

now which oil should I apply to restore my sanity from the insurance fiasco over the bloodwork....

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