Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spread the Blue and Yellow

I may have to start a theme here...Anecdote Tuesdays.  I've got another good one from the music studio again tonight.  So everybody knows that October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  But NOBODY (ok very few people) know that it is Down syndrome awareness month.  And that is too bad.  So this year I've been pretty much telling everybody I see that they should add blue and yellow to their pink.  I did this again tonight about a display they have in the store of pink music-related paraphernalia and got a pleasantly surprising reaction.  When I mentioned it to one of the employees in front of the father of my student his response was "and they get overshadowed by this? (pointing to the violently pink display)  well I will spread the word...thank you for sharing that."  So there you go.  Spread the news.  Add blue and yellow to your pink this month and see who jumps on board. :)
Need some blue and yellow?  This is a butterfly bow I made for my girls and if you want one I'll make it.

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Kerin T said...

You've inspired me! I'm headed to the store tomorrow to find blue & yellow (and pink) ribbon to raise awareness for both...