Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adventure (31 for 21 post 24)

 When you are 2 feet tall the whole world is an adventure.  Especially the part of the world where there are slides and swings.  Otherwise known as the park, aka one of Reagan's favorite places.  The girls love to picnic at the park on Mondays after their choir practice so we indulge as long as daylight and temperatures permit.  This Monday was pretty much it.  But I was so happy to see Reagan branching out.  Instead of sliding down the same (albeit high) slide 15 times and doing nothing else, this time she wanted to sample a little of everything.
  She climbed all the stairs and tried every slide.
 Then she wandered over to the caterpillar climber thing and attempted to climb it like the big girls.
 Then she very deliberately walked over to the swingset, pointed (she never, ever point) at it and said "wing".  She promptly had several volunteers to push her (children we don't know but who could not resist the charm that is Reagan).

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