Saturday, October 6, 2012

As Promised

I said that I would try and get videos of Reagan today and I succeeded.  As you can see she is suffering from the horrible affliction of Down syndrome and has no intelligence or quality of life whatsoever.  <smirk>  Such a typical two year old.

The gross motor skills she has been working on since learning to walk.  She is also working on stepping up and down with no support...though that is still hard.  And she didn't do it for the camera, but she stood on one foot for 3 seconds today.  (Mama cheers wildly!)

She actually can sign a lot more...she's two, you can't really expect her to sit still and answer questions for that long can you?  I was really pleased to not that she also attempted to say every word too.  This is a really new development as she hasn't really improved her vocabulary much in the last year and is being referred for speech therapy.


Deanna said...

Yay Reagan! Super impressive.

lovemy3 said...

Too cute! Very impressed she was attempting to say the word and sign! My fave was when she shook her head "no"! Thanks for sharing!