Sunday, October 7, 2012

Awareness (31 for 21 post 7)

 I think I've mentioned this in the past, but it bears repeating, especially this month...I love, love, love what having a sibling with Down syndrome is doing for my older girls.  They are already sweet and compassionate by nature, but their exposure to the special needs community only nurtures that.  I have loved watching them watch Reagan's therapy and then copy it with her through the week...older siblings make the best therapists.

I love how protective and careful they are in helping keep their sister safe and help her keep up with them.  They watch out for her and encourage her.  They treat her like something extra special, and yet just like a normal baby sister.
They know she has Down syndrome, but they see that as something that must be good because she is cute and sweet and fun and they love her to pieces.  They know she gets therapy and they didn't, but they see it as a privilege to help her not as something they have to do.  I know that for the most part these attitudes are specific to their sister because their exposure is limited pretty close to home right now, but they are being prepared to be pretty awesome humans as they get older.  And I can already see it as I watched them with Sophia for example.  And how they ask about orphans and want to help with their pennies from their piggy banks.  They are much too young to understand what Down syndrome actually is, but they are getting just old enough to know good vs. evil and to know that some people think Down syndrome is a bad thing and we want to show them it isn't.  So I love, love, loved it yesterday when they bounced up to me and said "mommy, mommy happy Down syndrome awareness month".  And requested something blue and yellow to wear so to show people about Down syndrome awareness.  You just can't beat that....and you can't say no to it either.
So tomorrow my girls will be making bracelets and necklaces for themselves and their friends and making their Mama very proud as they do their 4 and 5 year old part in raising awareness and making the world a better place for their little sister and friends.


Deanna said...

Seriously so awesome. I wish that Addison had an older sibling, but it's been pretty amazing to watch Carter catch up and start to pass her up - leading her (pushing her) to faster development as well. lol. Loved this post!

lovemy3 said...

Your girls are definitely the best therapists! I can imagine they might be more gentle with Reagan than the boys are with Hailey, but I do live watching sibling love! Good luck with the bracelets/necklaces!