Monday, October 1, 2012

October Again (31 for 21 post 1)

Wow!  Is it really October again already?  And how did that sneak up on me without me noticing?!?  October has always been one of my favorite months because I love fall, and while we live in California so it can still be pretty hot (106 today...really!), it is still undeniably fall.  Time to coat my house in leaves and pumpkins.  To wear boots and fall colored sweaters (ok not today, but its supposed to cool down soon!).  Time to bake things with yummy spices like cinnamon.  And what has honestly become one of my favorite things about October...share my angel with the world.  October is Down syndrome awareness month.  The first year after Reagan was born, October was kind of a blur and I didn't have a lot to share since I was still in the blitz of learning myself about what an extra chromosome means.  I was clear on one thing by the end of that month....that extra chromosome is extra special and I wouldn't change it for the world!  Last year I had this little blog going and so I joined the 31 for 21 blogging challenge (which I WILL succeed at again this year, I really will!)  because I wanted to show that Reagan can change the world.  This year as October suddenly appeared on my calender with no warning (really, wasn't it Reagan's birthday just two days ago?  And how did she get to be two already anyway?)  I am realizing that that extra chromosome is so normal for us now that I forget it isn't normal for everybody.  But I am excited to have a reason to show off and share and blog every day for the month.  I promise pictures and updates...Reagan is doing so much now.  So much a normal two year old in many ways, and yet different in such sweet ways too.  So typical and so unique.  So alike her peers, but so different at the same time.  And to start of my favorite month here is a picture of one of my favorite little girls :)

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