Thursday, October 4, 2012

From Russia...with Love

 I first learned about the plight of special needs orphans and Reece's Rainbow two years ago during our first Down syndrome awareness month when Reagan was just a tiny baby.  My heart was stirred at the thought that it could be my baby rejected and left to institutional care if she was born to different parents in a different country.  As Reagan's health improved my heart was stirred to action to help.  I have experienced the joy of helping in a small way bring several orphans home through donations and raising awareness.  I have looked at the pictures of joyful homecomings with tears in my eyes.  Then just over a year ago I was so excited to find a new friend right here in my own backyard working to bring home her daughter.  Since last August I have worked in every way I could think to help bring her home.  And last night I had the privilege of introducing her.  I looked at those pictures of her arriving at the airport and meeting her Grandma with tears rolling down my face.  But that was nothing to what I felt when I heard a little knock on my front door this morning and opened it to find the sweetest little blond girl with the bluest eyes I have ever seen smiling up at me.
 Oh the pure joy to be able to hold her in my arms! 
 And to introduce her to my girls.  
And to see how Clarisse knew that finally, after months of praying for Sophia on the other side of the world, she was here in our living room.  And she took her by the hand and showed her how to play with the toys (my little future therapist!).  
And most of all to see her look at her mommy and see the love they already share.  It just doesn't get better than this!  Thank you God for this gift from Russia...with Love!

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