Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do Better?

Tuesdays are rough.  Tuesdays are Daddy's day to take care of the girls...at least in the evening while I go to the studio and teach piano lessons for 6 hours.  And I don't get home till after nine and after they are all tucked in to bed.  Bummer for me :(  So I don't promise very good posts on Tuesdays.  But I have a great anecdote to share today.  I had one of my little girls tell me after her lesson that October is a good month because it is her birthday.  I told her it is my favorite month too.  So she asked why, and I thought why not?  So I told her that October is Down syndrome awareness month.  Then I asked her if she knows what Down syndrome is.  Her response was priceless..."something that makes you do better?"  Ah the innocence of children...no sweetie it isn't something that makes you do better, but I think that you are close 'cause it IS something that makes all off us be better.  In oh so many ways...but that is for another post...for now here is one of the chromosomally enhanced people who inspires me to be better.

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Michelle said...

What an adorable picture!! I edited your blog name on the 31 for 21 sign up link :)