Friday, October 12, 2012

 Here is another glimpse into the life of my child who is suffering from Down syndrome, and her siblings who are burdened by her <smirk>.  Clarisse got a new pet for her birthday a few months ago, but up until now Reagan hasn't really noticed it.  Today they all sat down in a row, with Reagan positioning herself next to Cadence like the big girl she is convinced she is now that she's "doo" -two (Remind me to get a video of that sometime!), and watched it.
We all learned something today.  Reagan learned a new word- "tuht-l".  And the rest of us learned just how fast a turtle can go when a fascinated two year old starts to get close.  That turtle was fast.  And Reagan was faster...too fast for Grammy to catch her before she caught poor Squirt.
Never fear, big sister came to his rescue like any good turtle owner and relieved Reagan of her new fascination.  Most surprising of all though...Reagan didn't try to touch him again after we told her no.  Sometimes I love that extra chromosome ;)

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