Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tidbits (31 for 21 post 25)

 Today we have a little of this and a little of that with photos brought to you by Auntie Megan.
 Sophia brought her mommy and Grandma over today.
 Sophia came to play with her new friends and watch Reagan's therapy.  Mommy and Grandma came to be crafty with me.
 We were making invitations for Sophia's homecoming shower.
 And now that Sophia is home  my attentions are turning to  another adoption.  My dear (virtual lol) friend Susanna brought Katie-bird home and she is doing very well, and now her family is working on bringing home a young man named Tommy.  So I have listed some items in his fundraising auction Tommy's Time.  And finally a Happy Birthday shout out to Reagan's friend Laura who is turning 3 today.
Photo: Laura giving Reagan some love <3
ok so this picture is courtesy of Ashley's brilliant photography :)
Such a big girl who is soon going to be a big sister too as her family just got their court date to go get their daughter Kamdyn.  So we are working hard to get them the rest of the way funded and bring this baby girl home for the new year!

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