Monday, October 15, 2012

In Remembrance (31 for 21 post 15)

I posted last year about Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance.  That is today again.  And my heart aches for the mamas I know who have lost their sweet babies this year.  I can't even imagine that kind of pain.  For a mama there can be no greater hurt than to have her baby taken too soon.  I just talked to a mama who celebrated the anniversary of losing her little boy just before birth and celebrating her son who is just born.  One thing that she said was that she would take her baby any way she could get him...that whatever God sent was fine because he was  her baby and her  gift whether he would have had Down syndrome or illness or defect.  Her comment makes me so very grateful that Reagan was born to me,  because I love her and I love her Down syndrome.  The sad, hard truth is that over 90% of babies who are diagnosed before birth will not be allowed to be born.  Out of fear and ignorance and selfishness God's perfect gifts are tossed away.  Any of the mamas I know who lost their babies and pregnancies this year would have gladly kept their babies whether or not they carried an extra chromosome.  So tonight I am sending my love and prayers out to my friends who are hurting.  But I am raising my voice to speak for the thousands of innocent children who can't speak for themselves.

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