Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anecdote Tuesday (31 for 21 post 23)

I mentioned before that I should have anecdote Tuesday since I had such great comments from my students this month.  So here is one more.  I was working with one of my little girls who is about to turn 8.  She told me about her doctor's appointment today and how she got her blood drawn.  And I told her that Reagan has to get it done every six months.  She(31 for 21 thought that was pretty rough.  Then she showed me her Red Ribbon that she was wearing.  I told her she should be wearing blue and yellow for Down syndrome awareness.  Then I showed her the butterfly bow that we've been making for all Reagan's friends.  And she said "can I be Reagan's friend?" (she does know Reagan)  So I said of course and she promptly put the bow in her hair and told her to make sure she told everybody who asked that she was wearing it for her friend Reagan.  After her lesson she proudly showed her mom the bow and told her why she had it.  Mom's response?  It is so great that she is learning about supporting people at 8 years old, thank you for introducing her to this."  How much do you love that!?!  Along with that fact that mom told me she was thinking about Reagan today during her daughter's blood draw since she knew Reagan gets it done regularly  and she asked if her last check was all good.  Some days I just love people!

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