Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grammy's Top 21 (31 for 21 post 21)

Piping in today to share her 21 favorite things about Reagan is Grammy...

1. Reagan's laugh is the BEST! almost matching is her smile (especially the little coy crooked one!)
2. She takes after me and LOVES chocolate, must be because she shares my name
3. she loves to clap and everything is worth clapping over!
4. I LOVE her small size because she's so easy to carry and cuddle and hug  :)
5. Her stubbornness! It means that she is growing up to be her own person.
6. That she plays "big girl games" like she really is a big girl!
7. I love that she loves the pool and that she can't wait to go swimming
8. She freely gives out those special kisses
9. Ponytails are just her style
10. Reagan loves the outdoors and exploring nature for as many hours as I do!

11. Reagan is enthusiastic about almost everything in life
12. I love her "whole" heart with my whole heart :)

13. I also adore her mommy ;)
14. I love having fun "beeping" her nose and her "beeping" mine for...well, ever!
15. I love that she needs watching ALL the time because it means she is interested in and exploring everything in her world
16. I love the way she signs her words (sometimes made up signs!)
17. I love that Reagan has taught me to take what God wants to give because I have no idea what blessings He has in mind before hand
18. I love that Reagan shows the value of ALL people, Reagan loves literally EVERYONE just as I ought to
19. I love that Reagan teaches me to be patient with myself since she has to work hard for her accomplishments

 20. Her cute little fist bump
21. This one is a threefer since it is  #21. I love her musicality... her singing (or is it signing?), her dancing (which she can't contain ever), and her piano playing (which she is so proud of!)

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